By Catherine Connors

So, here we are — on the other side (mostly) of a world-shifting week. Whether you’re in the U.S. or near the U.S. or have simply been watching the U.S. with horror from a distance, last week was a journey. And although the journey isn’t over, at least we seem to be traveling in a more hopeful direction.

By Catherine Connors

Four years ago, in the days before the 2016 election, the mood felt not just cautiously optimistic, but cautiously jubilant. Despite a carnival show of an election season, it seemed nearly certain that we were about to celebrate the election of the first female President of the United States.

Some of us, of course, were holding pretty tightly onto that sense of caution. Even though it seemed unlikely that Donald Trump might prevail over Hillary Clinton, it wasn’t impossible.

By Catherine Connors

“Need” is a strong word, but I think that it applies in times like these. That is, in times when we are (okay, fine: when I am) overwhelmed with what badass Samantha Sweetwater has called “lifeyness”, we (I) need things that soothe, calm, inspire, reassure, and delight. And because life really is extremely life-y right now, I assembled a few such things.

You may need them. You may not. In any case, I hope that there’s something here that sparks even the smallest light of peace or joy.

10 Antidotes to Lifey-ness

  1. The status of shits women…

By Catherine Connors

My favorite thing about storytelling in the League of Badass Women community is that it tends to favor stories about badasses. There’s a lot of super smart commentary and reflection and idea-generation, but if I had to guess what share of stories are about the badass ways that women (including ourselves!) are showing up in the world, I’d say that it’s somewhere north of half.

This makes sense, of course: we’re a community of badasses who are dedicated to using our badassery to make a better world, and so we’re rich in stories of that badassery, and…

By Catherine Connors

This year has felt like four years, hasn’t it? And it feels like we have four years left to go until 2021. Some days feel like weeks, some weeks feel like months, and nothing about that timey-wimey squishy-bendy flat circle experience of time and space is as interesting as science fiction has usually suggested it would be.

To wit: if we had a TARDIS or a Delorean or any other mechanism for traveling or seeing through time, we’d likely be disheartened to discover that it has only been, as of today, four standard Earth years since the…

By Catherine Connors

If you’ve ever attended one of our PowerUps, you’ll know that we often orient the conversation around what we call “chickens on the moon”: moonshot or blue sky thinking, through a framework of imaginative and active hope (you’ll have to join a PowerUp if you want to learn about the story behind the term). We talk about what we would build, do, or catalyze, if there were nothing limiting us. Sometimes those are things that pertain to our own lives; often they’re things that we want to bring to the bigger world, or to change in the…

By Catherine Connors

Rest in power, RBG.

There have been many elegies and eulogies to Ruth Bader Ginsburg since her passing on Friday, September 18. Instead of adding too many more words — and there are so many more words that we could add — we want to focus on this sentiment: may her memory be a revolution.

That is, let’s remember what an absolute and unapologetic badass she was, and focus on how we carry her revolutionary work forward. She was a fighter. She advocated for the necessary power of dissent, and for the work of getting the feet…

By Catherine Connors

In an interview last week, I made passing reference to The Wing as an example of commodified feminism, which prompted someone who follows me (not a member of the League) to send me the following message:

“I saw you mentioned The Wing. They are witches. Real witches. You shouldn’t be involved with them. When you get involved with the occult you open yourself up to demonic spirituality.”

It may be telling that my first thought was “I’m not involved with The Wing,” before I got to “I’m pretty sure they’re not actual witches,” and then to, “so…

By Catherine Connors

“What if?” asks Valarie Kaur in her talk on Revolutionary Love. “What if the darkness in our country right now, in the world right now, is not the darkness of the tomb, but the darkness of the womb? What if our America is not dead but a country still waiting to be born?”

What if, she asks, we filled our imaginations with the metaphor of birthing, if we used that metaphor to replace metaphors of war and conquest, and embraced the idea of laboring through stages of transition — even the most difficult transition — with the…

By Catherine Connors

If you ask women what it is that they value about women-centered communities and spaces, you’ll get a lot of answers, but those answers will skew in some pretty consistent directions. We asked the question in the global Facebook group, and our sisters at TueNight asked it in their group, in service of a panel discussion on women and community building. The answers fell almost universally along these four lines:

  • Freedom to pursue ‘taboo’ topics
  • Commiseration over shared experience
  • No mansplaining
  • Safety

(There was also a beautiful and very accurate remark to the effect that in our…

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