By Catherine Connors

So, here we are — on the other side (mostly) of a world-shifting week. Whether you’re in the U.S. or near the U.S. or have simply been watching the U.S. with horror from a distance, last week was a journey. And although the journey isn’t over, at least we seem to be traveling in a more hopeful direction. (If you’re watching the compass with concern — and to be clear, there is still reason for concern — Choose Democracy is a great resource for both gauging the compass and planning action in case the compass veers more dangerously in the direction of coup.)

In the meantime, we can and should revel in the fact that the direction is more hopeful than it’s been in four years, and in the fact that last week’s election made history by bringing in not just the first female Vice President of the United States, but the first Black and South Asian VP of the United States.

“That little girl was me” — by Bria Goeller and Good Trubble. Support them by purchasing prints at WTF America.

There is still much work to be done, of course. And we’ll do it. But for the moment, we’re taking another beat before we share what’s coming up next for the League — we’ve still got some buffing and polishing to do in advance of sharing more, so there’ll be another newsletter pause until after the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday at the end of this month. We’ll also be coming back with a new PowerUp schedule that will be more global-friendly.

All of which is to say: STAY TUNED! And stay well. Better days are coming. We’re going to make them.

— Catherine


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