How To Hope

Write Postcards to Voters:, @postcardstovoters
Print & write letters to voters:
Drop a note to swing states:
Find opportunities near you:
Check out Swing Left’s actions and virtual events in Swing States (AZ, CO, FL, GA, IA, ME, MI, NC, OH, PA, TX, WI)
Display a yard sign for a candidate:
Donate to candidates: Joe Biden, Senate, House, or local races. @joebiden
Donate to Swing Left’s Immediate Impact Fund- 100% of your donation will go to the candidates in the closest races where your donation can make the biggest difference, on the path to flipping the Senate and winning key state legislative races. @swingleft
Adopt a swing state:
Flip legislatures in key states:



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The League of Badass Women

The League of Badass Women

is on a mission to connect and empower communities of women to support each other, rewrite the rules of leadership, & constructively disrupt the world of work.