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We are the League of Badass Women.

10,000 voices strong. Female. Trans. Non-binary. Inclusive.

Walking the walk. Talking the talk. Transformative conversations on Gender, Power, Womanhood, Work. The community, and back again.

Perspectives from Boise to Beijing. Gathering to radically redesign leadership.

Join us and Be Heard.

(Below is the the transcript of episode 1. You can listen to all the episodes on

EPISODE 1: Introduction to the League of Badass Women, Power Talks and Podcast

Hannah: Welcome to the League of Badass Women. You belong here.

Valerie: And welcome to the first ever League of Badass Women Podcast! I’m your host, Valerie Orth. I’m gonna kick off our new podcast with a short episode — an overview of the League of Badass Women, and what some of our members from around the world have to say about it.

Karen: I’m Karen Hoehn from Brussels, Belgium.

Jamie: Hi, I’m Jamie Silverman. I’m in New York City.

Indrani: I’m Indrani Sigamany and I live in Oxford in England.

Trina: My name is Trina and I live in Edmonton Alberta.

Liz: I’m Liz from San Francisco, California. Ground zero for tech bro-culture and yet I’m still here believing there’s opportunity for women and allies to evoke real change.

Karen: Brussels is the second most international city in the world and a European power-center. Because it’s so diverse, we have to confront a vast array of ideas about womanhood, women’s rights, masculinity and power — both personal and political. It is very easy in this setting for toxic masculinity to isolate and disempower women, because most of us are far away from the families, friends and communities we grew up with.

Trina: Edmonton’s a blue collar city with a strong oil and gas presence. Often that translates into working in the old boys network.

Hannah: The League of Badass Women is a Facebook Group and it’s Power Talks in cities all over the world with networks of women coming together to discuss leadership and how to change the workplace.

Indrani: The League of Badass Women has introduced me to a like-minded group — all the more exciting being international. Stimulating to read what people are sharing and it’s a relief not to have to explain the importance of gender justice. It opens up windows to the world of women — how we are contributing to the cause in our own environments. Advocacy, excitement, new learning and hope that we can be a small part to future change.

Liz: We live in both virtual and digital worlds so in terms of the League there’s opportunity to participate on both levels.

Trina: Being able to connect with strong women online and in person to discuss bent and celebrate successes has meant so much to me. At times when I’m so busy and work feels so crazy just knowing that there are members out there brings me such comfort in the chaos.

Valerie: Power Talks are intimate in-person discussions on topics curated by the League, based on the League’s mission and core values, which — from our founder, herself:

Hannah: Our goal is to reframe and rewrite the rules of great leadership and our values are rooted in intersectional feminism and the belief that sexism cannot be separated from other issues of racism, of privilege, and oppression.

Valerie: Power Talks are hosted by and for our badass members, like you.

Liz: Being together in real life is how we create change.

Trina: Being able to be a part of the League and hosting Power Talks has felt like having a life preserver at times.

Karen: Our meetings of the League here in Brussels have provided a safe space for sisterhood and feminist solidarity. We share information, discuss important issues in our lives and work and we help each other solve the problems that are undermining our personal power.

Jamie: So much of our lives takes behind screens. We are constantly affixed to our cell phones and we spend our lives hunched over our computers so the opportunity to sit down and have a face to face conversation with somebody is not only vital, it’s also uncomfortable and it’s that discomfort that really yields to fascinating conversations. It makes you be more honest and vulnerable in a way that you aren’t necessarily when you are talking to someone behind a screen and I think there’s just a lot of power in having a face to face conversation with someone who agrees with you but even more so with someone who doesn’t agree with you.

Karen: The Power Talks have been fascinating for facing and untangling some of the complexities surrounding women’s power. They’re thought-provoking and they’re not always easy to sort out. Some of the issues have provoked controversy and revealed some surprising attitudes in our group. Very interesting.

Trina: As I read the material, thought about the questions, and prepared for the talk it highlighted my own misogynistic thinking as I’m sure it did for others. Being able to identify my own blind spots helps me to continuously grow as a leader in the community.

Jamie: It yields really robust and interesting and honest dialogue. It’s a really good learning experience for me on many levels, both personally and professionally.

Liz: This helps me questions and refine my own assumptions. You know, that’s incredibly valuable.

Valerie: Next on the League of Badass Women Podcast, we’ll begin to dive into our first Power Talks topic, unpacking the internalized misogynist. In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about Power Talks — like how to host, or where to attend — and if you have any questions or comments you’d like us to include on our podcast, especially about internalized misogyny, please email And be heard.

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is on a mission to connect and empower communities of women to support each other, rewrite the rules of leadership, & constructively disrupt the world of work.

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