By Catherine Connors

“Need” is a strong word, but I think that it applies in times like these. That is, in times when we are (okay, fine: when I am) overwhelmed with what badass Samantha Sweetwater has called “lifeyness”, we (I) need things that soothe, calm, inspire, reassure, and delight. And because life really is extremely life-y right now, I assembled a few such things.

You may need them. You may not. In any case, I hope that there’s something here that sparks even the smallest light of peace or joy.

10 Antidotes to Lifey-ness

  1. The status of shits women have left to give.
  2. Why you should read Octavia Butler and Toni Morrison
  3. … but if they’re already on your bookshelf and you’re looking for more feminist reads, check out this reading list.
  4. This is the soundscape that you need right now.
  5. So is this. Like, truly. I have the vinyl.
  6. And this. (Dolly is a gift, give thanks.)
  7. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: teen girls will save us all.
  8. Here’s a historical badass that you probably haven’t heard of.
  9. You’ll never think of ‘pecking order’ the same way again…
  10. … or (oldie but goody) decorative gourds.
  11. BONUS: Here We Are in Infinite Joy.

It’s tough out there right now. Take yourselves, and each other.

— Catherine


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