You Need This

  1. The status of shits women have left to give.
  2. Why you should read Octavia Butler and Toni Morrison
  3. … but if they’re already on your bookshelf and you’re looking for more feminist reads, check out this reading list.
  4. This is the soundscape that you need right now.
  5. So is this. Like, truly. I have the vinyl.
  6. And this. (Dolly is a gift, give thanks.)
  7. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: teen girls will save us all.
  8. Here’s a historical badass that you probably haven’t heard of.
  9. You’ll never think of ‘pecking order’ the same way again…
  10. … or (oldie but goody) decorative gourds.
  11. BONUS: Here We Are in Infinite Joy.



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The League of Badass Women

The League of Badass Women

is on a mission to connect and empower communities of women to support each other, rewrite the rules of leadership, & constructively disrupt the world of work.